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Analyzing Business Travel

analyzing business travel

Analyzing business travel is a key factor in improving processes and cost efficiencies within any corporate travel structure. If you have not analyzed your business travel process before, World Travel Business Elite can help your company get on the right track.

The age old question about “how to determine” best practices for maximum control and management of business travel may seem daunting. However, the “cut & dry” of it all is quite simplistic.

If your company is struggling with the management and data of business travel points to the reality, that tools should be in place to secure most efficient and most practical approaches to ensure the best experience.

So a couple of quick questions to weed through the process:
  1. Where to begin in analyzing business travel for your company’s needs…Are there controls (policies) in place to support best travel policies?
  2. Are there regular data files (reports) that reflect all activity such as fare-savings, hotels booked, car rentals reserved?
  3. Do you have a relationship with a full-service, business travel company that reviews the data and provides insight to innovative practices to maximize cost saving efficiencies and planning?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these three questions, it may be time to re-evaluate the effectiveness of your “relationship”. At World Travel Business Elite, the cornerstone of our 76+ year success is based on the human quotient, not just technology. Of course, the latest and greatest in technology is readily and easily available to serve our clients properly. We feel it’s the true partnership of an anchored business relationship that exceeds the “standard”.

One of the best tools available to your organization is the ability to review what’s working and what’s not working to best deliver excellence for your business travel. Our team of extraordinary account managers, can carefully assess the “game plan” and provide insight into better ideas to secure the best options. It is easily available for you to engage in a simple analysis and “learn” about some ideas that may off-set costs and overall customer satisfaction.

We recognize the fact that though travel has changed dramatically over the last 10-20 years, the end result of traveling from point “A” to point “B” hasn’t changed. Our expert advisors can provide clever tools for efficiencies and high customer satisfaction. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call!

Packing Smart

packing smart
Packing smart is a key essential to successful business travels. Whether your doing a quick overnighter or staying a few days, making sure you’re packing smart can make a big difference in the ease of being prepared and having what you need. Here are a few tips that we feel will help you in packing smart.


Make a packing list.

The old saying, “a fail to plan is a plan to fail”, even holds when it comes to packing smart. Plan for the trip by first making a list of the essentials you need and what clothing you will necessary for the trip. For instance weather, length of stay, types of business meetings (casual or business attire) will be factors in determining exactly what you need. The best part is that once you make the list for the first time you can re-use it for other trips and then adjust depending on the details of your future business trips.


Keep it simple.

Don’t overpack for your trip. I know it is tempting to pack lots of options, but the more you pack the more you have to manage and tote around. Once again, it goes back to making a packing list and planning out the clothing you need during your trip. Having outfits that serve a dual-purpose which can be dressed up or down depending on what your agenda is for the day ahead will benefit you with ease and as well take up less room in your luggage.


Here are a couple quick tips for packing smart.

  • Keep the wrinkles out of your clothes by simply rolling your clothes and not folding them up.
  • Pack your liquids in Zip-lock bags so your belongings are protected if an item leaks.
  • For carry-ons make sure you follow TSA’s 3-1-1 rule when it comes to liquids.
  • Pack your electronics in a single layer so that TSA can easily recognize them upon security check. This will help you from getting held up.
  • If you have a carry-on and a check-in luggage make sure you pack small sample size items in your carry-on. This will help you if your main luggage gets lost and still gives you have what you need to survive. Make sure to include one outfit so you have a change of clothes and underwear.
  • Email all your trip information to yourself to have on your smartphone and/or laptop, as well as printing them out. This way you will have all your flight, car rental and hotel information easily accessible.
  • Before you leave, verify all your details so that you’re not met with any surprises once your underway. This includes checking on things like flight departure, hotel reservations, dinner reservations and car rentals.
  • Know your airlines baggage policy so you’re not met with extra fees at check-in.
  • Check out the TSA website for more travel tips for getting through security fast and efficient.


Packing smart is being smart. Once you get your packing process organized and inline it will be easier for you each and every time you travel on your business trips.

World Travel Business Elite advisors can help you in taking care of all your business travel needs, so that you can focus on your business. Our personal service will ensure all your details are taken care of and verified before you leave.

Our Business is YOUR Business Travel.





Frequent Flyer Mileage Awards

frequent flyer

Frequent flyer mileage awards for business travelers are a fantastic award for business men and women who have to be away from their families. Tom Jackson one of the owners of World Travel explains how the frequent flyer mileage awards programs work.

Business travelers, among others, earn bonus complimentary air transportation via ones air travel on behalf of their employers. Most companies who have staff traveling by air allow them to retain frequent flyer credits for personal use as a perk for their time away from home. Each major airline grouping such as One World featuring 11 different carrier’s honor one another’s earned miles for future, basically, complimentary air transportation. In some cases, the individual carriers in a composite group, like One World, will have additional monetary fees. The earned miles allow for future vacation plans for the traveler plus their guest which in most cases would be their family. Future flights are made available to the public 350 days prior to flight dates. The importance here is that on many domestic and international routes, inventory for frequent flyer miles gets absorbed much in advance of travel dates. Once transportation is secured, then reservations for ground activity will take place. The earned miles in most cases have expiration dates and must be consumed or lost. Some travelers who don’t use the miles will donate them to charities for their uses. Miles can actually be used for services other than air transportation. All of the air groups give the owner of the miles many options and choices to choose from when redeeming. These options include car rentals, hotel accommodations and cruises as examples. Some airlines even allow consumption of all-inclusive tour products as well which really is a great reward from your frequent flyer mileage awards. If the situation arises where one does not have enough frequent flyer miles to complete their transaction numerous carriers allow that frequent flyer traveler to buy additional miles for their use.

World Travel Business Elite can help your company properly manage your frequent flyer mileage awards and also handle all your business travel needs. Click here to get started and have an World Travel Business Elite travel advisor contact you.

Business Meetings Can Be Fun

Business Meetings

Did you know your company’s off-location business meetings can actually be effective, informative and even fun for everyone attending!

Many times we are approached by existing and NEW clients to put together business meetings with various objectives. As we strategize about a business meeting/incentive/conference, we do an analysis and “what’s best” for our corporate clients. Each company has a threshold of expectations and objectives. As your expert corporate meeting planner, we design and create a platform to move to the next level.

In the past, we have had the opportunity to plan numerous, yet very different, types of “meeting”. Fortunately we are able to tap into the deep well of resources to ensure best value and outcome for your business meetings.

For example, in one case, a client had a week of business meetings (sales, engineering & marketing group) in their sights for Tucson, Arizona, as their destination of choice. There were plenty of meetings to occupy time. Yet, one of their key components was to be able to provide some “fun activities” so that all participants can get recharged and tap into their greatest contribution and experience. This particular group had a variety of formal, meeting settings and a request for unusual “fun activities”.  In some cases, the “fun activity” included either golf, spa session or horse-back riding—pretty normal, right?  However, “besides the norm” they want to explore other activities. We carefully created a questionnaire that was personalized for them.

One of the most exciting “team-building activities” was an “all-group” paint-ball tournament. There were 6 teams, of 18 people per team. The objective, be the champion of the “elimination” tournament. An interesting element I found innovative, was that the Company’s leadership team, specifically crossed the boundaries of “who knows who” to engage them all in a “new” peer group. It allowed for true team creativity and strategy including:  select leaders, exercise decision-making strategies, execute the plan and WIN!  Everyone had fun while learning a TON about people they usually didn’t interact on a regular basis.

This is just a sampling of how we can create “what you want” as an example. We are resourceful and clever. Give World Travel Business Elite an opportunity to support you and your company create effective business meetings.

Click here to GET STARTED NOW on planning your future business meetings!

San Diego Family Business Trip

Family Business Trip

Are you making a business trip to the San Diego area anytime soon? If you are then why not make it a family business trip. Getting around is easy because every thing in the San Diego area is close to major freeway connections and it also boasts a great public transit system. For the most part your business activities will take place during the week. So lets say you fly in on a Monday to handle your business on Tuesday and Wednesday, then have your family fly in and join you on Thursday for a long weekend.  Another option is your family could fly in on the same day and they can take advantage of what San Diego has to offer while you are in meetings. San Diego truly has a lot to offer and there are so many activities for your family to do in the general area. We highly recommend Lego Land, Old Town San Diego, Gas Lamp District or the world-famous San Diego Zoo. The various accommodations for your family include 4 and 5 star resorts throughout the country. These resorts and San Diego offer such amenities as amazing pools, spas, close by beaches, award-winning golf courses, tennis and of course some of the finest dining California has to offer.

Recently Tom and Sharon Jackson, the owners of World Travel and World Travel Business Elite recently made a visit to a boutique five-star property in Rancho Sante Fe called the Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, which is about 25 minutes from downtown San Diego. The property offers a state-of-the-art fitness facility which has over 70 complimentary athletic classes each week including; Yoga, Spin and Pilates. It is a complete facility in every way which has earned it a five-star rating. You can enjoy delicious cuisine at their signature restaurant called Veladora or enjoy a refreshing drink in The Pony Room (shown above). The resort has so much to offer and is close to San Diego, allowing your family to relax while you handle business.

In this busy electronic world we are witnessing numbers of families combining a business trip with their family vacation. World Travel Business Elite can help you plan the perfect family business trip to San Diego or any other destination you may desire.