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Cruise – More Affordable Than You’d Think!

Cruise – More Affordable Than You’d Think!

Betty Starr provides us an informative blog as a travelers point-of-view about how a cruise is more affordable than you think.

I can imagine that most people associate taking a cruise as one of extreme indulgence and expense – this is certainly what I thought. The indulgent part is certainly correct but once you break down what you get, you’ll see that compared to other trips, cruises are a very affordable way to take a memorable vacation.

Let’s compare a car trip to a cruise. You have to spend a good part of your time travelling from place to place. On a cruise, you get to relax on board while the ship does all the work. On a regular trip, you have to pay for each night in a hotel, plus all your meals on a daily basis, as well as the time and trouble finding a decent place to eat. Cruising, it’s all taken care of, and you can eat whenever you want (I do advise avoiding the elevators and walking as much as possible – I’ve managed to not gain weight and I love to eat!) Let’s not forget, too, that the entire ship’s worth of crew members are there to serve you (I have never been so indulged as when having dinner!), there are nightly shows and a wide variety of daytime activities.

If that’s still not enough, there are always plenty of excursions to chose from, offering tours of the local sights, to sport-related jaunts (I’ve taken rafting and canoeing excursions on an Alaska cruise). All in all, it is one of the best ways to have a great vacation.

There are so many types of cruises on the market today. Whether you are looking for a local cruise or one in a far away destination Heidi Nanigian will help you explore all the possibilities for an adventure to remember.

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Morocco – Experiencing the Culture and Beauty

Morocco – Experiencing the Culture and Beauty

Morocco was calling to Tom Jackson. He recently returned from a two week trip to the beautiful country using Heritage Private Tours for his land portion. The trip was nine months in the planning and resulted in a successful adventure.  This blog will give you a brief overview about his experience.

The time of year that we were in Morocco was excellent weather wise (late March to Early April).  Many people have asked me about my feelings on safety and about food.  First of all, we were totally safe in all respects.  Remember that Morocco is on the North West corner of the African continent. Secondly, the food could not have been better.  The cuisine was either Moroccan or European style meals. I must say the fish was wonderful and plentiful as Morocco has two shore lines one on the Atlantic to the west and the other the Mediterranean to the north. Morocco has unique names of cities which include: Rabat, Meknes, Volubulis, Fes (Fez), Marrakesh, Essaouira, Asni, and Casa Blanca.

Morocco, to me is an exotic destination with many faces. You are immersed in a country of 34 million people, much the same as the state of California. The people are a mix of Arab lineage to the north and Berber lineage to the south and west. The Moroccan people are friendly, helpful and kind.  I think my biggest wake-up was the time we spent in the high Atlas Mountains, about an hour outside Marrakesh, while staying at the Richard Branson Virtuoso property called the Kasbah Tamadot. The Kasbah Tamadot boasts 28 rooms and suites which have been individually decorated to reflect the essence of Morocco. There are beautiful antiques and gardens throughout the property. It truly is a magical place that created a sense of relaxation and peace for all of us on the trip.

Our travel was accommodated by a driver and full time guide during our time in Morocco.  Mohammad and Aziz were the team that took care of all of our needs, wants and desires.  They have been working for Heritage Tours for more than a decade.  They were terrific and made sure our experience in Morocco was a successful one.

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moroccoWho is Tom Jackson?

Tom Jackson, CTIE is President of World Travel Bureau, Inc., a California–based family owned travel advisory with offices located in Camarillo, Carmel, Chino, Santa Ana and Yorba Linda.

Tom Jackson has been involved with World Travel Bureau beginning in 1951 at the age of 12. He is still very involved, consulting and advising clients and staff as well, from his rich background of travel experiences.

Tom Jackson has been traveling the world for decades and has visited more than 151 countries around the world. He feels traveling near and far is a nutrient to a better appreciation of life.

Terranea Resort

Terranea Resort

Here’s a staycation destination – Terranea Resort, a 5 Star, Mediterranean style resort. It is situated on the Palos Verdes peninsula, close to Long Beach and Los Angeles, but it feels like a world away.

For those of us who remember Marineland from 1950 to 1987, Terranea was built and developed at that site beginning in 1998 as a 10 year project.  It is fully developed now.

There is a restaurant and bar on the cliff that is called Nelson’s in honor of the character played by Lloyd Bridges in the TV series called Sea Hunt, with various memorabilia of that show.  The series was filmed at this location.

It is so much fun to make the drive to Terranea.  When you reach the Palos Verdes peninsula, you will find yourself on a very curvy, up and down road, that is still geologically active.  A sign warns you of “constant land movement” (see my photos).  As you go up some of the small hills, you are looking up into the sky, not knowing what’s going to be on the other side. It is very thrilling!

Our management team at World Travel Bureau has visited Terranea on two separate occasions, first in October 2011 for a Manager retreat, in February of 2016 when we attended the Virtuoso Forum meeting for Owners and Managers and most recently, my husband and I stayed 2 days at the resort to celebrate our June anniversary.  I’ve included several photos of the property and of our management teams who shared this experience.

Terranea is great as a meeting venue, but it is also good for families and vacationers as a getaway. There are swimming pools for families, and for adults. As you can see from my photos, each pool has a great ocean view.  My favorite is the family pool which is very warm, ranging from 3 to 5 feet deep and has a terrific slide for kids and kids at heart!  There’s even a little section by the pool with ping pong, foos ball, and some kind of bean bag toss. The Vista pool invites teenagers 13 and older to enjoy the view and the music.  The Cielo pool is closest to the ocean and caters to adults 18 and over with a cool vibe.  The Spa pool provides the most exclusive atmosphere and a different ocean and Catalina view. One guest told me she saw dolphins jumping in the ocean while she was getting her massage.

There is a variety of activities at Terranea including guided coastal and nature preserve hiking trails with gorgeous views of the entire area. I enjoyed a complimentary nature hike around the property and our guide was very knowledgeable about the property and the plants.  Another complimentary activity was a talk by the local Falconist who had an owl on his arm and allowed each of us to pet his feathers.  Terranea offers “Aqua Adventures” including surfing lessons at Redondo Beach, Tide pooling, Painting by the Sea art class, whale watching tours, helicopter tours, Falconry on property, Segway in Long Beach along the strand, guided biking tours, horseback riding in the nature preserve, as well as Tennis and Golf.   One more thing that would have been fun was that for the days we were there, Terranea was allowing guests to test drive some Lexus vehicles that were parked nearby.  We were a little too lazy to take advantage of this opportunity, but it could have been fun to explore the Palos Verdes hills and views.

The food is excellent with several options, the atmosphere is really nice and the views are amazing. The meal service was unique as each employee who passed by our table made eye contact and asked if we needed anything.  We did not have to wait to find our waitress in order to get another napkin.  In fact, all throughout the property, all levels of staff made eye contact and greeted us no matter where we were.

When we first arrived, settled in our room and then went downstairs to find out where the restaurant, Nelsons, was located, we went to the Valet Desk for instructions, and immediately we were invited to ride there in the Terranea Mercedes SUV.   What a treat!

If you book with World Travel we are currently offering a “Celebrate with Us” promotion which includes a 3rd night free, breakfast daily for 2 and $100 resort or hotel credit, and room upgrade if available.

If you like to book it yourself and enjoy these special amenities, you can go to our website, scroll down to our new hotel booking tool, enter Terranea for your hotel and make your reservations. Here is the Direct Link to the Hotel Booking Tool.

Or please allow us to book it for you by calling one of our offices today!

Disney World Adventures

Disney World Adventures

Disney World adventures planned in detail by our awesome Travel Advisor Heidi Nanigian of World Travel in Santa Ana, California.

My journey with Heidi started five years ago, when my brother walked into another travel office to purchase airline tickets for our Caribbean cruise. He hands me my ticket and tells me, you know this new travel agent is very good -make sure you stay in touch with her. I have kept in touch and used Heidi’s expertise on serval vacations since our initial booking.

I often brain storm with Heidi prior to deciding as to where I am staying and what I would like to do once I am there. Her expertise in every aspect of travel is always eye opening. I wanted to share my last two vacations that were booked with Heidi, taking place in 2015 and 2016.

My preferred method of correspondence is email, it’s easier for me due to time limitations. I email Heidi my initial thoughts and I before I know it, in my inbox is a response with every question answered. Information provided is always exceptional and explained in detail! I am a tough customer (my words, not Heidi’s) I change my mind often and require exceptional accommodations for my trips. The customer service I receive has been and I am certain will remain A+++.

Let me start with last year’s vacation, my sister and I decided we wanted to visit Disney World for a week, I had NO idea how to start planning. I emailed Heidi and without hesitation the planning was underway, with emails exchanged daily. I gave Heidi direction as to what we wanted accomplished and the rest is history! Heidi, mention she had worked for the resort and had intimate knowledge of the property, this thrilled me beyond words that I would have a “concierge” planner. A budget was established and before I knew it my magic bands arrived, Disney World here we come. I was concerned with a few issues along the way, value resort, what does that mean – once again Heidi talked me off the ledge and explained in detail. I was given the rundown of all parks, how to utilize the transportation along with the Magic Express from Orlando airport. I owe seven wonderful days at the park to Heidi and her experience, knowledge and excellent customer service.

Successful and wonderful vacation at Disney World completed we decided, lets visit all parks globally. All the hype with Shanghai Disneyland was enticing me, so we decided to go to China in 2016. I emailed Heidi give her our travel dates and airline info, next thing I knew all accommodations were set! Since China was a new country to both of us I asked questions and was constantly exchanging emails regarding hotels and excursions. Ten days in China sounded like a good idea, until we decided to visit three locations, first stop was Macau. I had asked for 4 + star accommodations in all cities, I was not disappointed with the Harborview hotel, great location, customer service and close to both waterfront and downtown.  Hong Kong was our second stop for five days, including Disneyland HK. Rosedale Hotel was certainly an experience, great location and very accommodating. We saw and enjoyed as much of HK, certainly will return to visit soon.

Last two stop were in Shanghai, I wanted to visit Pudong prior to staying at the Disney resort. We arrived at the Park hotel in Pudong and realized this was not for us, the room were more like two stars. I emailed Heidi and explained to her what was wrong, she assured me it was okay and commenced to work on my exit plan. I called it a wash in Pudong and moved over to resort, we stayed at the Toy Story hotel on property for three days, this allowed two days to visit the park and one to visit Disney town and Wishing Star park. Our Disney World trip was a total success due to Heidi’s expertise and excellent customer service. I checked out of the Park hotel one night early and was told I was not getting a refund and too bad you’re leaving, it has been less than two weeks since the incident occurred and my refund has been received for the night we didn’t stay!

Thank you, Heidi, for your dedication, friendship and understanding – you truly are a five-star travel agent! Andrade family will continue to exclusively work with you for all future vacations!

Heidi Nanigian a Travel Advisor from World Travel will experience Madrid or any destination you desire.
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Mediterranean Vacation to Spain and Italy

Mediterranean Vacation to Spain and Italy

Exciting Mediterranean vacation detailed by World Travel customer Yajaira Casillas.

Yajaira Casillas and James Rodriguez  went on a 2 week vacation to Spain and Italy in September 2016. It was her first time out of the country so she was a bit nervous. Read on to hear Yajaira’s details of their fun Mediterranean vacation.

We started our trip in Spain.
Our Madrid hotel was beautiful. The location was central to everything and we were able to walk to all the main attractions. I would stay there again for sure. Everyone was very nice & helpful.

Our Barcelona hotel was walking distance of the beach! I was so excited to see an international beach. It was also close to Gothic Quarter which was nice because there is so much food there. Again, everything was in walking distance. The breakfast was decent and the staff was nice. The breakfast and bar were pretty busy so service was a bit slow. There was a beautiful church behind our hotel that I loved walking by every day.

I  LOVED Spain! I would love to go back and see some other areas. The tapas and wine tour in Madrid was amazing. I had the best meal on that tour. I would definitely recommend it. The city tour was fun, too.

We then flew to Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia Church was amazing! It is a must see attraction. Park Güell was beautiful with unique architecture. We went to a Gaudi House called Casa Battlo for a concert on the roof. It was fun. Seeing all the work of Gaudí was epic & I would highly recommend it.

We then flew to Florence. The rooftop garden on our hotel was perfect to get a great view of the Duomo.  We walked everywhere, so that was nice. We ate the most delicious food & saw some beautiful sights. The Tuscany tour was the highlight of my entire trip. I would do it again if I ever go back. The food was delicious and there were so many cool things to see.

In Rome, we found ourselves taking cabs everywhere which cost us a bit. The Pope Mass was awesome! It was packed but something I think everyone should do. The Vatican tour was also great.

The Pompeii tour was amazing!  We climbed Mt. Vesuvius. This may have been the best part of the whole trip. It’s pretty amazing to look into an active Volcano. For anyone who is active I would definitely recommend this tour. City Wonders Tours are the best.

Our Milan hotel had a subway stop literally outside the door and it was one stop to the train station and 5 from the Duomo.  The Duomo is beautiful and a must see. Seeing Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” was sweet.

Overall, our Mediterranean vacation was a truly memorable adventure. I would highly recommend our Travel Advisor Heidi Nanigian, because she made everything 100% easy and stress free.  Heidi is super sweet and thoughtful because she left me a birthday present at one of our hotels.

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Mediterranean Vacation to Spain and Itally Gallery


Experience Madrid with Travel Advisor Heidi Nanigian

Experience Madrid with Travel Advisor Heidi Nanigian

Experience Madrid with our Travel Advisor Heidi Nanigian and see some of the beauty this Spain destination has to offer.

In October of 2015, I was given an opportunity to experience Madrid with Virtuoso’s Made For Spain tour operator.  My flight from LAX had a stopover in Atlanta. I arrived the following morning into Madrid. I took a shuttle to the gorgeous Hotel Ritz. I was greeted immediately as I entered and was in awe of the gorgeous decor of the lobby. The hotel was built in 1910 and it felt like such a privilege to be able to stay here. There was a beautiful staircase to take me up to my room. There are no two rooms alike. My room was the size of a suite or a studio with vintage decor. The bathroom was very modern. There was a hallway to the bedroom and two steps to take you up to the bed.

After freshening up, I met up with the other travel agents for a guided tour to experience Madrid. We made a few stops and saw the beautiful Grand Via. October is a perfect time to travel here with clear skies. We saw where people live, parks, shops etc. We made our way to the Prado Museum. As someone who is not an art guru, I would say this was one of the highlights in Madrid for me. The grounds are absolutely beautiful with a gorgeous Church across the way. Had it not been for my wonderful guide with Made For Spain I know I would have been in and out of there in about a half hour, not really knowing what I saw. I learned about Diego Velazquez and how he often put himself in his own paintings. He also used a technique called Chiaroscuro which gave the paintings volume. Once it was pointed out to me I could see the shadows outlining his artwork. She also gave us the back story and gossip of the artists and how you could see some of it in the paintings of the artists. I highly suggest getting a private guide to get a deeper explanation of everything. I got so much more out of the experience. That evening we were given a private tour of all of the different rooms at The Ritz. It is such an iconic hotel with so much history. The bar reminded me of a scene in a 1940s movie. We were given a 4 course private Welcome dinner. It was a great way to end my first night in Spain.

On Day 2, we had a private guided city tour of Madrid. We saw the Grand Via, stopped at Plaza Mayor, Temple de Debod, The Palace, tasted churros and chocolate and learned the story of the fable Raton Perez. We ended our tour at the Intercontinental Madrid. We were given a private tour of all the rooms. We were also taken into the kitchen to meet the chef and watch him create paella. We were seated in the dining room and he brought it out to us in a huge pan. It was delicious! After lunch we went downtown to do some local shopping. That evening we were given a private tour at the Westin Palace  and enjoyed  another amazing dinner.

On Day 3 I tried the complimentary breakfast at The Ritz. You can have it made to order or choose something from the buffet. From there we walked to El Rastro or what we would call a flea market in the U.S.  It is open every Sunday morning. There are aisles and aisles of vendors selling everything such as clothing, purses, shoes, belts, artwork, ceramics, jewelry, and kitchenware. It was great to see where the locals shop and spend time on the weekends. On our way back to our hotel we decided to stop in at The Rincon Brewery and have a tasty Madrid beer. We were then picked up from our hotel and taken to the apartment of Pilar LaTorre. She was giving us a private afternoon cooking lesson. We took an elevator up to the 2nd floor. What they called an apartment is bigger than the home I grew up in southern California, except they don’t have backyards. Pilar is also a photographer, so she has her home decorated with her own photography with people not posed but in their natural state. We were of course given wine to get our cooking lesson started. I learned early on during my trip to Spain that wine is a must no matter what time of day it is and it is always flowing. As someone who doesn’t cook much at home, it was fun to see the people in my class that do cook and learn some tricks from Pilar such as an easier way to peel tomatoes by putting them in warm water. The skin literally falls right off. We made appetizers, a steak, cold soup and dessert. It was a wonderful way to immerse ourselves in the culture. If you have the time I would definitely book a cooking class. It can be booked through Made for Spain. After our lesson, we had some free time to sightsee. We walked over to Retiro Park which was close to our hotel. It is a gorgeous green park. It happened to be raining which as a Californian is something I haven’t seen much of the last few years. It rained just enough to make it seem like fall with orange and red leaves, but it wasn’t cold at all. Our final dinner in Madrid was at The Hotel Villa Magna. I would say next to the The Ritz this was my second favorite hotel out of the ones we toured and dined at. It has a classic yet very modern feel. The rooms were spacious, in a great location and the hotel has lots of extra amenities when booked through Virtuoso travel agencies. This was one of my favorite meals that I had in Madrid as well. They had one side of the building lit up in pink for breast cancer awareness month. Madrid was a great city to visit. I would say 2-3 nights is the perfect amount of time to experience Madrid, depending on the time of year you are visiting. If you are here during summer and can take in Madrid or a flamenco show or do a tapas tour you may want extra time here.

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New York New York – The Big Apple Big Surprise

New York New York – The Big Apple Big Surprise

Surprising our 10 year old with a New York trip.

“One of your Christmas presents will arrive early this year. It will be delivered around the 12th and it can’t wait so you can open that one early.  Just that one though.”

My husband and I had started dropping hints to pique her interest. Our 10 year old daughter was excited and mildly irritated at the unfolding charade.  We had been plotting our New York scheme for a couple months and now that we were in the home stretch it was getting more exciting.  We had it all planned out and gently torturing her was definitely part of the plan.

new york

Everything was coming together for our big surprise.  The tickets were bought, the accommodations arranged, we had recruited a friend to drive our car back from the airport.  I had done some secret shopping for clothes, shoes and jackets as our light southern California options would be no match for the frigid climate where we were heading.  The weather report said snow flurries!

The morning of departure we climbed into the car, our luggage secured in the trunk the night before so not to raise any suspicions.  I was driving and my husband sat in the passenger side.  Ollie and our friend Angel got in the back seat.  We told her our friend needed a ride and we all chatted during the commute.  As we neared the airport my husband started fiddling with the radio and his blue tooth.  The car stereo speakers came alive with the intro to an Alicia Keys song just as I pulled into the airport and up to the curb at the appropriate terminal.

“Hey Ollie, remember we kept talking about a big surprise for Christmas?” I said looking in the back seat at my little girls face.

“Yeah…” she sputters as she looked out the window. “Are we going somewhere?” Her face brightening with the realization, “Is THAT the surprise? We are flying somewhere??” I am nodding yes to her and I can guess what her next question will be.  I reach to turn the music up just as she asks, “Where are we going?”

I lip sync the answer using my cell phone as a microphone, “Neeewwwww Yyoooooorrrrkkkk, concrete jungle where dreams are made of…”

I let my rock star pantomime fall off as her face lit up like Broadway.  She said it again to be sure, “New York? We are going to New York?!?”

The rest of the trip was a dream.  We stayed in Brooklyn at a friend’s apartment and got to experience a true New Yorkers life.  We took the subways, which she hated.  We went ice skating in Central Park, toured the Natural History museum and the Met, which she loved.  We ate a slice at Rays and went Christmas shopping at a pop up event in Bryant Park.  We got caught up in a protest march and she saw her first snow fall.  We saw the tree at Rockefeller and went to the top of the Empire State building.  It was a magical New York Big Apple Christmas and she whole-heartedly agreed that the surprise was well worth the wait.

New York

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Grand Canyon – A Fun Family Road Trip

Grand Canyon – A Fun Family Road Trip

Grand Canyon road trip adventure with our family was a blast!

If you are looking for an outstanding family trip, look no further than the Grand Canyon!  Our family contacted World Travel to assist us in planning a trip to the Grand Canyon & Las Vegas this last August. We worked with one of their agents Heidi Nanigian. She walked us through our options and worked through our requests with ease. Heidi was always accessible and very quick to respond.

In the days leading up to our trip, she checked in, to see if we were in need of any assistance, which was very reassuring. 12 hours before our trip, my husband decided it might be best to rent a car for our trip. Heidi was right there to assist us and was able to get us an amazing deal.

Our trip was so amazing! We drove the first day to the Grand Canyon in a spacious mini van. Viewing the desert landscapes we all agreed to go wireless for the trip. Our family bonded and shared stories along the way. Once we arrived to our hotel, we were able to unwind and prepare for the next days adventure.

Up at the crack of dawn, we set forth onto our day of adventuring to see the Grand Canyon and all its glory. The sights and sounds of this magical place, just took our breath away, which is not something easily come by, in a household of teenagers, let me tell ya!

After a short hike and some exploring we headed off to the Hoover Damn (shown above). What a sight! Such a modern marvel, we were completely blown away.

We rounded up our travels in Las Vegas. Our outstanding travel agent Heidi booked us a room at the fabulous Signature Resort. Our family was truly impressed with all the special attention that both Heidi and the hotel staff gave us, that we decided to stay an extra night!  We had a blast and just cannot wait to do it again!!

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Hawaiian Paradise and the Aloha Spirit

Hawaiian Paradise and the Aloha Spirit

The Hawaiian paradise of Waikiki showed World Travel clients Jennifer Robles and Valerie Gomez the true Aloha spirit.

Wow, what a trip to a Hawaiian paradise!  Everything was wonderful.  I’ll start with our car that picked us up at the house, which Heidi had booked (Shuttle to LAX) and we had a private car…awesome!  The driver was prompt, professional and very pleasant.  We began the trip in style feeling like the Kardashians!

The Aqua Palms Hotel was great.  It was in the middle of Waikiki and close to everything!  We received a wonderful surprise upgrade to the 15th floor so we had a view of the City, Diamond Head, and a little of Waikiki Beach – awesome!  The hotel staff was very friendly and informative.

Germaine’s was Luau fun and we had a blast!  I would recommend it — it was family style which made it even better.  They do their best to make you feel like Ohana (family)!  I was told by some friends that the location was not good, but I thought it was great…right on the beach.  We have some great pictures of the sunset!  The bus drivers were great too.  They made the ride so much fun and were very organized too.  My mother in law paid for my wife’s family to join us at the luau as a nice surprise!  It was so great to have our Ohana join us at the last minute and they also had a wonderful time!

My wife and I had a beautiful beach wedding at Waialae Beach and it was amazing!  It was the only day it rained and we had the most beautiful rainbow appear during our ceremony!  All of the Hawaiians were telling us that rain was good luck and a blessing.  Once we got on the sand, it stopped raining a bit, just a very light drizzle and a rainbow appeared.  The ceremony was beautiful and we had dinner at Tiki’s Bar and Grill in Waikiki.  I would recommend that place, very fun and casual atmosphere!

We ended our trip at Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa.  It was truly another paradise on earth there, so beautiful!  We want to go back to the Hawaiian paradise soon and it was worth every penny!

We used another private car with Shuttle to LAX for the trip home from the airport and again, the driver was prompt and professional.  Since it was late, we drove straight home with no traffic and thank goodness Heidi recommended the later flight.  It’s definitely the way to go!

Everything was amazing with our Hawaiian paradise adventure!  We can’t thank Heidi Nanigian enough for her friendly and professional service!  We look forward to taking our next vacation with the help from Heidi and World Travel!

hawaiian paradisehawaiian paradise

Seychelles – Cruising in First Class Style

Seychelles – Cruising in First Class Style

Scott and Renee Pfeiffer had the unique opportunity to visit Dubai and cruise the Seychelles in February of this year along with their adult children Kyle and Kelley.

We started the Seychelles cruise adventure from Dubai where we had a chance to tour some amazing sites including Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, landmark hotel Burj Al Arab and who could miss the Dubai Mall with the world’s largest fish tank.


We are all scuba certified and have been wanting to experience the warm, welcoming water of the Seychelles and Crystal Cruises new yacht Esprit was the perfect option. After two days of touring in Dubai, we boarded the yacht which carries on 60 passengers. Everyone on board experienced first class service and had a chance to socialize and get to know the captain and crew.  While on board, we all enjoyed scuba, snorkeling and wake boarding. Especially exciting was time spent exploring the islands by hiking, biking, zip lining, enjoying helicopter and even submarine rides.

If you asked what I enjoyed the most (Renee) it would be being together and spending quality time on sugar white beached, lush emerald mountains, UNESCO protective wildlife preserves and one of the most dynamic coral reefs in the Seychelles.

Thanks to our savvy Travel Advisor at World Travel, Marsha Dolbow, for all the smoothly functioning travel arrangements.

World Travel adheres to the standards of quality, service, and flexibility. As your Travel Advisor, our goal is to develop a relationship where you rely upon us to deliver service that goes beyond merely booking flights and making hotel reservations. We believe in a hands-on approach, and feel our attention to detail exemplifies who we are when it comes to personal attention to your travel needs and expectations, as well as those of your travel companions.