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Azamara Quest Luxury Cruise Memories

Azamara Quest Luxury Cruise Memories

World Travel clients Marvin and Nancy guest blog about about their adventures during a luxury cruise aboard the Azamara Quest.

Please note, I start with our last night aboard the Azamara Quest. I had received a bottle of Taittinger’s Champagne from a ship officer which I shared with three new friends onboard. We toasted the fun we shared, new friends, and our future cruises which were booked onboard, too. Up in the Living Room they have tapas each evening which were great to nosh with our icy champs.


A fun event on an at sea day was Iron Chef, set up so beautifully. The chefs were the cruise director vs the hotel manager and their selected passenger aides. The ship’s chef and his sous chef supervised. The wine flowed into food, contestants, and judges. The laughter must have resonated throughout the ship.

I took along yarn to knit scarves and met other knitters, too. It was a great ice breaker and we shared projects and resources. We also borrowed books from The Drawing Room, the ship’s lovely library.

Willemstad, Curaçao was our southernmost port. It is colorful, people were so friendly, and crossing the pedestrian pontoon bridge from one side of town to the other is fun. We walked, toured, drank beer (3 for $7 plus free wifi!!!) and stopped for lunch.  As we left port Captain Carl spun the ship so everyone enjoyed the beautiful views.


An interesting discovery:  Azamara Quest has designated crew members who can stay ashore with guests if a need arises. On our cruise, a man needed hospitalization in the Dominican Republic. The couple was packed up, ambulance arranged, and a young lady from the crew packed up and stayed with them as interpreter and to help. That is hugely humane and well handled by the crew of the Azamara Quest.

We can’t wait for our next adventure on Azamara Quest. Planning it with our Travel Advisor Elaine Clapp will be great fun, too.


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