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Cruise – More Affordable Than You’d Think!

Cruise – More Affordable Than You’d Think!

Betty Starr provides us an informative blog as a travelers point-of-view about how a cruise is more affordable than you think.

I can imagine that most people associate taking a cruise as one of extreme indulgence and expense – this is certainly what I thought. The indulgent part is certainly correct but once you break down what you get, you’ll see that compared to other trips, cruises are a very affordable way to take a memorable vacation.

Let’s compare a car trip to a cruise. You have to spend a good part of your time travelling from place to place. On a cruise, you get to relax on board while the ship does all the work. On a regular trip, you have to pay for each night in a hotel, plus all your meals on a daily basis, as well as the time and trouble finding a decent place to eat. Cruising, it’s all taken care of, and you can eat whenever you want (I do advise avoiding the elevators and walking as much as possible – I’ve managed to not gain weight and I love to eat!) Let’s not forget, too, that the entire ship’s worth of crew members are there to serve you (I have never been so indulged as when having dinner!), there are nightly shows and a wide variety of daytime activities.

If that’s still not enough, there are always plenty of excursions to chose from, offering tours of the local sights, to sport-related jaunts (I’ve taken rafting and canoeing excursions on an Alaska cruise). All in all, it is one of the best ways to have a great vacation.

There are so many types of cruises on the market today. Whether you are looking for a local cruise or one in a far away destination Heidi Nanigian will help you explore all the possibilities for an adventure to remember.

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