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Hiking Destinations Lake 22 Trail

Hiking Destinations Lake 22 Trail

Hiking destinations filled with beauty!

In Washington State there are tons of hiking destinations to get you out into nature. It’s one of the things I love most about the Pacific Northwest. My favorite adventures are the ones where you throw the dog and a pack in the car, and hit the road to the great outdoors–destination unknown.

I’m a hiker who loves a good workout, beautiful waterfalls, and the pay off of a stunning view at the top. This hike had it all. Lake 22 in the North Cascades, just off  Mountain Loop Highway is approximately five and a half miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1350 ft. The trail is wet in some parts, but well kept and well traveled by people and dogs alike.

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It starts in a damp, thick forest full of moss, ferns, boulders, streams and huge hemlock and cedars. As you move up the side of the mountain, there are beautiful waterfalls nestled alongside the trail, and a bridge to stop and enjoy the sound of the water rushing by.After a while the trail breaks out into a rocky area with switchbacks. It’s a good workout, but still the scramble up was no match for our fearless mountain dog.  Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the majesty of the vast wilderness make the climb more than bearable.

The last stretch, just before the top, is very wet. It is best to wear good shoes for tromping through some mud and to bring a spare pair of dry socks. In case you’re graceful, like me, these will come in handy. The trail opens up to wooden walkways that lead around the beautiful alpine lake, Lake 22. The water, like glass, is nestled in the shadow of Mount Pilchuck. It is a perfect place to take a cool dip on a warm day, and to find a boulder upon which you can eat a well-earned lunch. It’s the kind of outdoor summer adventure that stays with you, and comforts you in the winter months when the mountains are calling, but the weather keeps you inside.

Written by World Travel guest blogger Viki.


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