Travel Terms for the Business Traveler – Part 1
Travel Terms for the Business Traveler – Part 1

Travel Terms for the Business Traveler – Part 1

Today, there are so many travel terms and acronyms that most people have no idea what they mean. Below we have listed a few of them and in future blogs will continue to define more for your learning pleasure.

Here are a few to get you started:

CTC stands for “Certified Travel Counselor” and it’s considered to being an honored designation of a high-level certified travel professional. This certification can be compared to a “masters degree” within the travel industry. Usually you will find the designation after the travel professional’s name (ex. Carol Nosches CTC).

Airport Codes
Every airport has a 3 letter code that identifies them. For instance, John Wayne Airport in Orange County California is SNA or Los Angeles is LAX. If you want to find out a specific airport code we suggest visiting

Airline Codes
Airlines are also designated a 2 digit code by the IATA (International Air Transport Association). For instance, American Airlines IATA code which is “AA”. If you are interested in knowing what a specific airlines code is you can search it on the IATA website.

Reissue or Exchange
A “reissue” is when a new airline ticket replaces a previous ticket. Business travelers many times have to change their travel plans and this is an example of when a “reissue” comes into play. Simply put it is when the traveler asks to have their existing tickets credited and applied to new tickets. Usually there is a cost associated with this service and on average it can cost anywhere from $100 and up.

City Pair
Whether traveling by airplane or train the travel term “city pairs” is the combination of the departure and destination cities. Let’s say your traveling from Los Angeles to New York and then back home to Los Angeles, then your city pair would be Los Angeles and New York.

We all know that when traveling for business the expenses start to rack up. The term “T&E” stands for travel and entertainment expenses. It is smart to save all your receipts while traveling so that you’re able to write them off during tax time or submit them for reimbursement with your company.

Circle Trip
In travel terms, this refers to any trip that has more than a single destination but returns to the initial departure city.

A “segment” is basically a part of a journey (also known as a “leg”). What constitutes a “segment” is one take-off and landing during air travel.

Are there any travel terms you have always wanted a better understanding of what they mean and how they affect your business travel?

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