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Alaska Cruise

An Alaska cruise that showed us the beauty of Alaska.

My favorite vacation thus far has been our five year anniversary trip which we took an Alaska cruise. This was our first big trip together since we had never had a honeymoon, so after waiting five years for this, with lot of anticipation, with neither of us having been on a cruise, we decided this was the perfect time, especially since we were on a strict budget!

So after help from a great travel agent (wink wink Heidi) we chose a 7 day Alaska cruise with Princess. It started and ended in Seattle, which made flights easy and affordable. There were stops in Ketchikan, Tracy Arm, Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria Canada before returning to Seattle.

We started by arriving in Seattle a day early and since we had never been there we thought we might as well explore the city. We stayed at a really fun boutique hotel in downtown–very centralized called FIVE (a Pineapple Hotel). It was so fun because it was an industrial looking building, with a beautiful twist. It had a very comfortable room (including the bedding they have called naked bedding seriously read about it and do it – It was the best night’s sleep we have ever had and we still dream about it!)

Being in Seattle, it was nice to have the hotel within walking distance to all the main attractions. But alas, it was only one day until we boarded our 7 day adventure to some of the most beautiful land ever seen.

We started out with a whole day at sea that I thought was fun because it allowed us to explore the ship and its amenities. Although, it was a little dangerous to our pocketbook as it was the day my husband decided he needed a $1200 watch– ha ha, but I guess paying no taxes to buy stuff on the ship had its advantages! Also with Princess there was a large adult-only deck and though it was cold it was SO fun to be in the hot tub that was 102 degrees while it was snowing outside. It was like a dream I’ll never forget!

Princess also had great food and activity options on the ship that were FREE and made time on the ship so fun and easy. The next few days involved amazing views stopping in Ketchikan, Tracy Arm (real glaciers), Juneau, and Skagway. On the first two stops of our Alaska Cruise we chose not to do much except walk around town, go into museums to learn the history, and shop.

But we saved the last 3 stops for the most amazing adventures. In Juneau we went on a private boat excursion/whale watch. Why was this the best thing ever? Because we had 4-6 whales come up less than 100 ft from us! We got to see them up close and if you’ve never been able to see those marvelous creatures up close, do it! I actually saw a few bald eagles in nature too which was incredible, and several other animals native to the area.

Then in Skagway we went on an off-roading excursion through the Yukon and in Canada! MAN so beautiful. And on the last day before returning to Seattle we went into Victoria and did a brew tour and had an amazing dinner at a local chef’s table. It was the best way to finish the trip! No joke, including flights, cruise, and excursions, this entire trip with gifts home cost us less than $4K! (Even with the watch ha ha) We were so thankful for the memories made with the one I love most!

There are so many types of experiences to take on your travels. Whether you are doing an Alaska cruise or an another travel adventure Heidi Nanigian will help you explore all the possibilities available for an amazing experience during your travel adventures.

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