Morocco – Experiencing the Culture and Beauty

Morocco was calling to Tom Jackson. He recently returned from a two week trip to the beautiful country using Heritage Private Tours for his land portion. The trip was nine months in the planning and resulted in a successful adventure.  This blog will give you a brief overview about his experience.

The time of year that we were in Morocco was excellent weather wise (late March to Early April).  Many people have asked me about my feelings on safety and about food.  First of all, we were totally safe in all respects.  Remember that Morocco is on the North West corner of the African continent. Secondly, the food could not have been better.  The cuisine was either Moroccan or European style meals. I must say the fish was wonderful and plentiful as Morocco has two shore lines one on the Atlantic to the west and the other the Mediterranean to the north. Morocco has unique names of cities which include: Rabat, Meknes, Volubulis, Fes (Fez), Marrakesh, Essaouira, Asni, and Casa Blanca.

Morocco, to me is an exotic destination with many faces. You are immersed in a country of 34 million people, much the same as the state of California. The people are a mix of Arab lineage to the north and Berber lineage to the south and west. The Moroccan people are friendly, helpful and kind.  I think my biggest wake-up was the time we spent in the high Atlas Mountains, about an hour outside Marrakesh, while staying at the Richard Branson Virtuoso property called the Kasbah Tamadot. The Kasbah Tamadot boasts 28 rooms and suites which have been individually decorated to reflect the essence of Morocco. There are beautiful antiques and gardens throughout the property. It truly is a magical place that created a sense of relaxation and peace for all of us on the trip.

Our travel was accommodated by a driver and full time guide during our time in Morocco.  Mohammad and Aziz were the team that took care of all of our needs, wants and desires.  They have been working for Heritage Tours for more than a decade.  They were terrific and made sure our experience in Morocco was a successful one.

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