10 Ways to Get You Through or Out of a Timeshare Pressure Sales Pitch.

There are many people who choose to go down the path of timeshare ownership and like it for their vacations, especially if they have the ability to swap with other timeshare owners in other areas of the country that they would like to visit. This works well for some timeshare owners. Personally, I have done a lot of research and have come to the conclusion that timeshares are not the right option for me when it comes to variety and value. Of course, that is my own opinion and I have looked at the pro and cons for me to make that decision. Timeshare sale marketing enticements can happen in a variety of ways by either being sent an offer for a free stay at a location, win a vacation, or be approached when you are already on vacation. I implore you to do your research and be knowledgeable before buying into any timeshare.

The pressure sales pitch begins when they entice you by offering you a tour of the resort and a short presentation about what a timeshare can provide to you. Once, you’re in the presentation  the pressure is put on with a sales pitch that works to get you to break down and buy-in. There are a variety of different kinds of timeshares out there. I highly recommend you visit the Federal Trade Commission website to learn the timeshare basics. Mexico is famous for getting hit up when you’re out and about sightseeing or when you first arrive at the hotel. The sales pressure comes on strong once you are in the presentation. They typically say it will only take an hour and before you know it 3 hours have passed and you’re tired, broken and dazed. For the sales person it is a song and dance to work you into saying yes and parting you with your money.

I have some close friends who for the longest time tried to pressure my wife and I into joining their timeshare. My answer was always a strong no every time. I always stated that we prefer having variety in choosing our vacation destinations. We always told them how having a Travel Advisor plan our adventures allow us not only value but the assurance that our trip was all it could be in offering us a trip to remember. Over time, I would hear their vacation was okay and basically the same as before. I could see they were getting frustrated with the cost, amenities, locations, maintenance fees, and so much more. We recently invited them on a trip we were planning to Kauai. We showed them our process of using a Travel Advisor from World Travel and the value they offer with their industry experience. Once we had the trip planned I heard these words come out of their mouth “I regret ever buying into the two timeshares we have and now we are stuck with them”. My jaw dropped because I was flabbergasted they actually had two timeshares! Ever since they have been trying to offload their two timeshares. They now see how using a Travel Advisor is the better option.

Okay, so you can’t resist, you get pulled into going through the presentation because you want the free stay, or the free local adventure sounds great or you want a percentage off your stay bill. I implore you to be smart on how you proceed if you definitely do not want the timeshare.

Here are my top ten tips for getting through the presentation.

  1. Get them to commit to the exact time the presentation will take and keep them to that time. If they say 60 minutes, then at 45 minutes into the presentation they have 15 minutes left.
  2. Get in writing what exactly you get for going to the presentation and when will you get the incentive.
  3. Give out as little personal information as possible. The more info you give them the more fuel they have to sell you. Especially do not give them your phone number or actual home address. If they insist then I would give them fake information to protect yourself.
  4. Before you start the presentation simply state that you are not going to buy. This will begin them understanding they won’t get far with you.
  5. Do not give them your credit card, social security, or bank information.!
  6. Do not sign anything for any reason.
  7. Get in and get out. Don’t be afraid to leave after you have met your agreed presentation time (see tip #1).
  8. Hold your ground if they continue to pressure you. Their goal is to break you down until you buy or leave.
  9. Make sure you get what you’re promised. If they are a legit timeshare company, then they are managed by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA)
  10. Don’t be afraid to call the police. If they try to make you to stay and block your exit, then call the police with your cell phone. Asking for a manager probably won’t work because they are just an elevated sales person.

Okay, I am going to leave you with my best advice. Control your vacation on your terms and go where you want to go and when you want to go. A professional Travel Advisor from World Travel will help you plan your trip with complete transparency and provide you with a trip to remember. Don’t get locked into to something that does not offer value and variety.

Now get out there and get traveling. Life is short so be sure to see the world!

Guest Blog written by Bradley Girard

There are so many types of experiences to take on your travels. A Travel Advisor from World Travel will help you explore all the possibilities available for an amazing experience during your travel adventures.

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