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Middle East

Middle East is known as the “Cradle of Civilization”.
The Middle East is a region in Western Asia and North-Eastern Africa also known as the “cradle of civilization.” It embraces the ancient and modern, encompassing Roman ruins and Biblical sites, trendy nightlife and the world’s largest tower. Here, there are blue waters of the Mediterranean, oasis resorts, camel riding in deserts. The Middle East is the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Bahai, and is one of the wellsprings of human civilization in the ancient and medieval worlds. There are astonishing ruins left behind by significant civilizations that rose and fell here. The region is extremely mixed with cultures and each has their own languages and customs. Some significant cities that the Middle East houses are Jerusalem, Cairo, Damascus, Baghdad, Istanbul, Dubai, Mecca, Beirut, and Tehran.

If you would like to learn even more about the Middle East check out the Wikipedia page and be sure to contact one of our Travel Advisors to get started on planning your next Africa adventure.

Middle East Articles

The reason I chose to use a Travel Advisor

The reason I chose to use a Travel Advisor Recently, my Travel Advisor Heidi Nannigan and I planned a family visit to Reno, Nevada. My trip was a mixture of fun, and to offer my support. It was a last minute trip to visit my niece, her grandchildren (some who I had not met in person) and to support the…

Morocco – Experiencing the Culture and Beauty

Morocco was calling to Tom Jackson. He recently returned from a two week trip to the beautiful country using Heritage Private Tours for his land portion. The trip was nine months in the planning and resulted in a successful adventure. This blog will give you a brief overview about his experience. The time of year that we were in Morocco was…

Business Travel to the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is such a focal point for business travel; it would appear not to be missed for those companies interested in growth on an international basis. The country has seen amazing financial and physical growth over the last 20 years. While Abu Dhabi is the federal capital of the seven Emirate country, Dubai is the physical…

Business Traveler in Abu Dhabi

Business traveler and WTBE guest blogger Diane Rudis reports on her recent visit to the luxurious Rosewood Hotel located in Abu Dhabi. The Rosewood Hotel is a great destination for the elite business traveler coming to Abu Dhabi. On Al Maryah Island, it is located in the future central financial district of Abu Dhabi though many of the buildings are…

Middle East Specialists

Sheri Phillips

Beach & Sun Escorted Tours Family Vacation Honeymoons Independent Tours Ocean Cruising Safari

Sheri Phillips, CTA has 34 years of experience as a travel advisor and has been with Yorba Linda Travel since 1994. Her primary focus is on leisure travel, but has worked with corporate clients over the years, arranging their travel needs and organizing incentive travel. She has worked with leisure groups arranging and hosting cruise and land groups, even a…

Gigi Nakla

Adventure Travel Beach & Sun Escorted Tours Family Vacation Food & Wine History & Culture Honeymoons Ocean Cruising Rail Safari

Gigi Nakla knows how to make each trip a warm and memorable experience for you and your fellow travelers. Clients know from the moment they speak with her that their satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Not only will she create beautiful memories, she will tirelessly search out the best values and experiences every time. Because she loves to travel,…

Margery Burns

Escorted Tours Family Vacation Honeymoons Independent Tours Ocean Cruising Rail Safari

Margery Burns, CTC has been working as an Independent Contractor with World Travel for the last 13 years. She specializes in custom trips and cruises for her clients. Personally Margery Burns has traveled to 124 countries, many being repeat visits. With over 27 years’ experience, I can help you create your dream vacation.

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