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Disney World Adventures

Disney World adventures planned in detail by our awesome Travel Advisor Heidi Nanigian of World Travel in Santa Ana, California.

My journey with Heidi started five years ago, when my brother walked into another travel office to purchase airline tickets for our Caribbean cruise. He hands me my ticket and tells me, you know this new travel agent is very good -make sure you stay in touch with her. I have kept in touch and used Heidi’s expertise on serval vacations since our initial booking.

I often brain storm with Heidi prior to deciding as to where I am staying and what I would like to do once I am there. Her expertise in every aspect of travel is always eye opening. I wanted to share my last two vacations that were booked with Heidi, taking place in 2015 and 2016.

My preferred method of correspondence is email, it’s easier for me due to time limitations. I email Heidi my initial thoughts and I before I know it, in my inbox is a response with every question answered. Information provided is always exceptional and explained in detail! I am a tough customer (my words, not Heidi’s) I change my mind often and require exceptional accommodations for my trips. The customer service I receive has been and I am certain will remain A+++.

Let me start with last year’s vacation, my sister and I decided we wanted to visit Disney World for a week, I had NO idea how to start planning. I emailed Heidi and without hesitation the planning was underway, with emails exchanged daily. I gave Heidi direction as to what we wanted accomplished and the rest is history! Heidi, mention she had worked for the resort and had intimate knowledge of the property, this thrilled me beyond words that I would have a “concierge” planner. A budget was established and before I knew it my magic bands arrived, Disney World here we come. I was concerned with a few issues along the way, value resort, what does that mean – once again Heidi talked me off the ledge and explained in detail. I was given the rundown of all parks, how to utilize the transportation along with the Magic Express from Orlando airport. I owe seven wonderful days at the park to Heidi and her experience, knowledge and excellent customer service.

Successful and wonderful vacation at Disney World completed we decided, lets visit all parks globally. All the hype with Shanghai Disneyland was enticing me, so we decided to go to China in 2016. I emailed Heidi give her our travel dates and airline info, next thing I knew all accommodations were set! Since China was a new country to both of us I asked questions and was constantly exchanging emails regarding hotels and excursions. Ten days in China sounded like a good idea, until we decided to visit three locations, first stop was Macau. I had asked for 4 + star accommodations in all cities, I was not disappointed with the Harborview hotel, great location, customer service and close to both waterfront and downtown. Hong Kong was our second stop for five days, including Disneyland HK. Rosedale Hotel was certainly an experience, great location and very accommodating. We saw and enjoyed as much of HK, certainly will return to visit soon.

Last two stop were in Shanghai, I wanted to visit Pudong prior to staying at the Disney resort. We arrived at the Park hotel in Pudong and realized this was not for us, the room were more like two stars. I emailed Heidi and explained to her what was wrong, she assured me it was okay and commenced to work on my exit plan. I called it a wash in Pudong and moved over to resort, we stayed at the Toy Story hotel on property for three days, this allowed two days to visit the park and one to visit Disney town and Wishing Star park. Our Disney World trip was a total success due to Heidi’s expertise and excellent customer service. I checked out of the Park hotel one night early and was told I was not getting a refund and too bad you’re leaving, it has been less than two weeks since the incident occurred and my refund has been received for the night we didn’t stay!

Thank you, Heidi, for your dedication, friendship and understanding – you truly are a five-star travel agent! Andrade family will continue to exclusively work with you for all future vacations!

Heidi Nanigian a Travel Advisor from World Travel will experience Madrid or any destination you desire.
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Wendy Swenson

Wendy Swenson, CTC, first joined World Travel as Controller in July 1986 The travel industry became her favorite industry because it was constantly changing, and there were always new things to learn and changes to make, which is what makes life so fun for her. Wendy was quickly promoted to VP of Finance in 1986 and most recently to VP of Finance and Operations in 2012. Wendy’s most recent projects were to upgrade the World Travel Email system to Microsoft Exchange/Office 365, change payroll vendors, and to change internet providers for better cost and service. Wendy’s personal mission is to provide the best accounting and administrative support for our agents, so they can provide the best service to our customers. "Travel ~ Your Inspiration ~ Our expertise ~ Your dreams fulfilled"
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