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Packing for my Antartica Trip

My Antartica trip is coming up soon and now I need to decide what to pack or not to pack for this one in a lifetime adventure.

I have begun the “thinking about packing” stage. With a month before take off (when I wrote this) I need to check for and tick off the list any items not in the usual inventory. If you are a regular cruiser or a beach vacation goer for example, you probably have a wardrobe that just goes from closet to suitcase. For this trip I read the suggested packing list as given by Quark Expeditions to ensure my suitcase would not lack any essentials for this specific destination.

When you live in a warm weather climate such as California you are generally unprepared for cold weather destinations unless you are a skier. And who wants to buy a parka or snow boots that may rarely be used again? The great thing is you don’t have to if you have signed up to go with an expedition company that will provide them for you. Already, two things checked off the list and I didn’t lift a finger. Now for the other must haves.

  1. Long underwear, the base layer check
  2. Mid layer, warm/fleece top and pants check
  3. Warm hat and scarf check
  4. Glove liners and waterproof over gloves check
  5. Wool and synthetic socks check
  6. Waterproof pants for zodiac check
  7. Waterproof backpack for zodiac check
  8. Sunscreen, sunglasses check
  9. Swimsuit for the polar plunge I don’t think so

All the above (except 9) will keep me comfortable outdoors so I can concentrate on watching penguins rather than how cold I am. Just add a few casual items to wear on board the ship and the general needs in toiletries and travel items and I should be prepared. Seasickness medication anyone?

There are so many types of experiences to take on your travels. Whether you are doing a trip to see Antartica or an another travel adventure, travel advisor Marsha Dolbow will help you explore all the possibilities available for an amazing experience during your travel adventures. Marsha has been with World Travel for over 25 years and manages the Yorba Linda Travel office.

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Wendy Swenson

Wendy Swenson, CTC, first joined World Travel as Controller in July 1986 The travel industry became her favorite industry because it was constantly changing, and there were always new things to learn and changes to make, which is what makes life so fun for her. Wendy was quickly promoted to VP of Finance in 1986 and most recently to VP of Finance and Operations in 2012. Wendy’s most recent projects were to upgrade the World Travel Email system to Microsoft Exchange/Office 365, change payroll vendors, and to change internet providers for better cost and service. Wendy’s personal mission is to provide the best accounting and administrative support for our agents, so they can provide the best service to our customers. "Travel ~ Your Inspiration ~ Our expertise ~ Your dreams fulfilled"
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