Renee D’Avirro, CTC

Renee D’Avirro, CTC is Senior Manager of the World Travel Santa Ana location and has been selling travel and managing for over 25 years!

Renee D’Avirro was born and raised in Orange, California, and her very first travel experience was booked by World Travel to the beautiful Island of Maui! This was one of her dream vacations and when she returned from Maui her life changed. Renee knew she wanted to help others realize their travel dreams as she did!

Renee D’Avirro enjoys helping others create beautiful lasting vacation memories! Cruising to exotic places, dining on a sandy beach or traveling to a foreign country is so exciting and the experiences are priceless! Her goal is to provide exceptional service and she takes pride in being part of a Virtuoso agency which offers her clients even more!

Renee D’Avirro enjoys shopping, fine cuisine and wine, and traveling with family and friends. Let Renee help you make your dream a reality!

“If you want to view paradise simply look around and view it– anything you want to, I can help you do it. Let’s create travel memories together!”

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