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Mediterranean Vacation to Spain and Italy

Mediterranean Vacation to Spain and Italy

Exciting Mediterranean vacation detailed by World Travel customer Yajaira Casillas.

Yajaira Casillas and James Rodriguez  went on a 2 week vacation to Spain and Italy in September 2016. It was her first time out of the country so she was a bit nervous. Read on to hear Yajaira’s details of their fun Mediterranean vacation.

We started our trip in Spain.
Our Madrid hotel was beautiful. The location was central to everything and we were able to walk to all the main attractions. I would stay there again for sure. Everyone was very nice & helpful.

Our Barcelona hotel was walking distance of the beach! I was so excited to see an international beach. It was also close to Gothic Quarter which was nice because there is so much food there. Again, everything was in walking distance. The breakfast was decent and the staff was nice. The breakfast and bar were pretty busy so service was a bit slow. There was a beautiful church behind our hotel that I loved walking by every day.

I  LOVED Spain! I would love to go back and see some other areas. The tapas and wine tour in Madrid was amazing. I had the best meal on that tour. I would definitely recommend it. The city tour was fun, too.

We then flew to Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia Church was amazing! It is a must see attraction. Park Güell was beautiful with unique architecture. We went to a Gaudi House called Casa Battlo for a concert on the roof. It was fun. Seeing all the work of Gaudí was epic & I would highly recommend it.

We then flew to Florence. The rooftop garden on our hotel was perfect to get a great view of the Duomo.  We walked everywhere, so that was nice. We ate the most delicious food & saw some beautiful sights. The Tuscany tour was the highlight of my entire trip. I would do it again if I ever go back. The food was delicious and there were so many cool things to see.

In Rome, we found ourselves taking cabs everywhere which cost us a bit. The Pope Mass was awesome! It was packed but something I think everyone should do. The Vatican tour was also great.

The Pompeii tour was amazing!  We climbed Mt. Vesuvius. This may have been the best part of the whole trip. It’s pretty amazing to look into an active Volcano. For anyone who is active I would definitely recommend this tour. City Wonders Tours are the best.

Our Milan hotel had a subway stop literally outside the door and it was one stop to the train station and 5 from the Duomo.  The Duomo is beautiful and a must see. Seeing Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” was sweet.

Overall, our Mediterranean vacation was a truly memorable adventure. I would highly recommend our Travel Advisor Heidi Nanigian, because she made everything 100% easy and stress free.  Heidi is super sweet and thoughtful because she left me a birthday present at one of our hotels.

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