A Global Entry membership will accelerate your travel time.

A Global Entry membership will accelerate your travel time.

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Did you know that you can speed up your travel time by securing a Global Entry membership?

Tom Jackson, President of World Travel, recently completed the Global Entry process and now his security check-in processes for domestic flights will happen easier as well as quicker. In addition, Global Entry accelerates the re-entry procedures coming back to the USA from a foreign country. Securing a Global Entry membership is fairly easy to do. The only drawback is the time-lapse between the online application until ones actual in person appointment with Global Entry to complete the process.  His appointment was at LAX. In his case, the time between application and the in person appointment was six (6) months. The appointment is quick where you are photographed, fingerprinted, and asked a few questions. The current fee is $100 and it is good for a five (5) year membership. Tom stated he feels it is well worth the effort and cost for the benefits realized. If you would like more details about the program visit their website at:  www.globalentry.com



Wendy Swenson, CTC from our Headquarters in Santa Ana, California recently applied for a Global Entry membership. Wendy said the process was pretty hassle free. Below she details the basic steps of the process she went though.

My process began by applying for Global Entry by first visiting: https://goes-app.cbp.dhs.gov/main/goes

You will see a section called Trusted Traveler Programs. Click on Global Entry icon which will redirect you to http://www.globalentry.gov the global entry main website. This page explains everything and explains how to apply.

The first one took a long time, but the second went faster. I was able to do both without a hassle.

Some simple things to have ready when you’re applying online. 

  1. Have your Passport, Driver’s License, and Credit Card handy
  2. Think about what User Name and Password you want to use.
  3. You will have 3 Security Questions to answer, such as first pet, favorite restaurant, favorite subject in school.
  4. You have to identify where you lived the past 5 years, worked the past 5 years.

About a week after I submitted our applications online, we received emails that we were conditionally approved, and were encouraged to immediately schedule our interview appointment.  If you don’t schedule it within 30 days, you have the start the application process over again and pay another $100.

I was able to schedule our interviews 15 minutes apart but the soonest was about 50 days from this notification.  If something comes up you can reschedule your appointment.


Update to the update……

We went to our scheduled appointment and they were prompt and efficient and allowed us to come in together.  It is important that you bring the ID you used on # 1 above.

A customer told me that if you go to Long Beach as we did, the building is on the corner of Ocean Blvd. and Long Beach Blvd.  You have to turn right on Long Beach Blvd, to see the 301 address on the building, which is the entrance you want.  Take another right to park below the building in the parking garage – $4.50 to get out afterwards and we had to pay with a credit card as there was no attendant at that particular exit.

On the same day we received a confirmation email and about a week after that we received our new Trusted Traveler – Global Entry cards.  Be sure to “activate” them within 30 days of receiving them and notify them if not received.   You activate your card by logging into the original website (https://goes-app.cbp.dhs.gov/), following the instruction letter that accompanied the card.

The next thing you do is notify your Travel Agent (we hope it is World Travel), to put this number in your profile and also on your current Air reservation.

We are excited to see how this will affect our boarding experience at the airport, and the process through customs when we return from Europe!  I’ll let you know how it went!


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