Vibrant Vancouver

What a great trip! I just spent a week on a Vancouver Study Tour with Virtuoso and Tourism Vancouver. Vancouver is an eco-friendly city with some of the purest water and air.  Everyone we came in contact with was friendly and helpful.

We had limousine service from the Vancouver Airport (YVR) to our hotel – the Rosewood Hotel Georgia – in the downtown area. I had a warm reception from the bellman and front desk upon arrival. Their artwork is so fabulous that they have an artwork brochure explaining each piece of art. The rooms are large and the bathroom floor can be heated.

Our next day was very busy. We were transported to Grouse Mountain which is about 30 minutes from downtown to have a gourmet Breakfast with the Bears. Grinder and Coola have

been residing at Grouse Mountain for about 15 years. We then were transported to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The suspension bridge is 230 feet above the Capilano River and 450 feet long. We also experienced the Treetop Adventures which are 7 treetop bridges strung high above the park floor as well as the Cliffwalk which is a new addition to the park. After these exciting attractions, we were transported through Stanley Park and the neighborhoods of Vancouver.

Stanley Park is a 1,000 acre evergreen oasis in downtown Vancouver and named “best park in the world” by Trip Advisor. It houses the Vancouver Aquarium, totem poles, outdoor swimming pool, beaches, restaurants, outdoor theatre, gardens, water park, mini golf course, lakes, landmarks, carriage rides and is a great place for cycling, walking, running, and roller blading.

The West End neighborhood is the easiest for visitors to explore.  It’s next to Stanley Park, English Bay, Granville and Robson Streets. The Yaletown neighborhood was a warehouse district now converted into galleries, high-end apparel marts, lofts, cafes, studios, lounges, designer showrooms, ultra-hip clothing stores, restaurants and bars aplenty. Chinatown houses the peaceful Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.  Gastown neighborhood is a historic area with Victorian buildings and cobblestone streets and is known for its Gastown Steam Clock.

Our next day was at the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park with a behind the scenes tour.  We saw many jellyfish tanks with various types of jellyfish in different stage of life. Outside the tanks was a dolphin show. Our next stop was Granville Island Market Tour. This particular tour was excellent as an overview of the many foodie tours available. Our next stop involved a 45-60 minute helicopter ride to the beautiful Sonora Resort where we stayed for two nights. This is a luxury wilderness retreat specializing in all-inclusive guided fishing packages for corporate, incentive and individual getaways as well as guided salmon fishing.

Our next day was a guided Grizzly Tour. Two members of an indigenous tribe took us on a bus ride to where the grizzly bears hang out searching for food. I have to say this was the best experience. We were up close and personal with these grizzlies. We were always very safe as the tribe members knew their stuff.  We were placed in an elevated open structure enclosed by a chain-link fence. The tribe members joked that humans are in the cage not the grizzlies.  We had to not make a sound otherwise the bears would be frightened.

Our last day at Sonora Resort included an Eco Adventure Tour aboard a zodiac. Our guide took us all around the area looking for wildlife. We saw sea lions, bald eagles and some awesome lodges in the area. During the months of May through September would be ideal to see whales, dolphins and other wildlife.

vancouver rafting

Vancouver is a walkable city and not far away. Anyone wishing to take a trip similar to this one should

There are so many types of experiences to take on your travels. Whether you are doing a trip to see Vancouver or an another travel adventure, travel advisor Darlene Sorrentino will help you explore all the possibilities available for an amazing experience during your travel adventures.

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